Drinking Song et cet.

I wrote yet another drinking song, which is really funny, and too scurrilous to post publicly now that I found out my minister’s husband will be cruising by. Or maybe he won’t. I’m definitely going to sing it for ScaryClown, seeing as how I wrote it for him.

Anyway, Al called yesterday to say a number of interesting things, one of which is that the homily I delivered yesterday, which caused me more Thrumps than any other one I’ve ever tried to do and which I didn’t finish until two hours before I was supposed to deliver it, is going on the church website as a podcast. Woo, likewise hoo.

He also said that he found the homily to be very personal and that it seemed like I was talking about my breakup with Paul. My mouth hung open like a cattle gate at that point, and I said, ah, well no, I was trying to be more general, and besides, the bulk of that homily got written a year ago, at which point Al, who is not Mr. Tact, said, “Dr. Filk says you and Paul have been breaking up for 25 years.” Ah yes. When I recovered from my initial astonishment, I burst out laughing. If that’s the way other people see it, how I am to argue the point, ‘specially things being how they are.

I’m working on a migraine, so I’m gonna bail, but, unusually, my migraine was not preceded by a week’s worth of thinking the world’s about to end. Nope, I am feeling pretty good; but not TOO good.

Dang, I wish I could post that song. I know that it’s new and really lovable, at least for me, but….. Oh, foo. I’ll just put it in the list with the other “Turn this song into a flash animation” songs. See you on Youtube, under an assumed name!

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