More frost, hoar frost

Every morning for days now, there’s been a coating of ice on everything.  The sunrises have put me in mind of Dunnett, “A glory to bludgeon the senses”. 

Keith is now finished with Dunnett’s Lymond series.  This makes me alternately wildly happy, as he now has had the pleasure, and very sad, because he’ll never have that expectancy, tinged with fear, that accompanies reading her books for the first time.  IF you’re into it.  mOm has had no use for them because all the books have a cast of thousands.  My approach to literature is a little less respectful to the author; I’m not caring too much about the plots (which in Dunnett’s case are masterpieces of intricacy and “How much can I put one guy through?”) and I’m caring all about the dialogue, and that is also a Dunnett feature, because that woman could sure write dialogue.
At Casey’s urging I picked up my 18000 words of abortive attempt at novel and read them with the advantage of being slightly more detached.  I corrected grammar, restored missing words and gerunds, and made smallish edits that would make future character interactions easier to understand. Casey told me about a February romance novel contest in which she is participating, but alas, my novel’s all about a sexual obsession and there’s nothing romantic about that, right? And there’s parkour, loud music, Youtube, thumbdrives, B&D, and what happens when an AI plays matchmaker.

Reminds me of a line from Ken Gass’ play Winter Offensive, “I am a painter… I paint pictures with people.”

Katie is home and communicative, although hardly healthy – she’s working on a cold, which is no surprise given how little sleep she’s been getting.  She is taking, of all things, Spanish, for her last course before she graduates.  Keith is obsessing about college and not looking forward to going and registering.  It is so fraught with meaning to him. I’m just happy he’s ready to start with the next phase of his life.

Well, if I’m going to get to work, I’d better move along. Work is really interesting these days; there’s been another acquisition announced, and this time they are swearing that they’ll do it right.

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4 thoughts on “More frost, hoar frost”

  1. Tell Katie if she needs help or practise with her Spanish I’m taking it at a university level and would be glad to hablo español with her. ¡Me gusta mucho!

    Incidentally, your blog seems to show up fine in Safari, for any of your Mac fan base.

  2. Ooh, what courses is Keith thinking of? I try to imagine and come up blank. Unless it’s film. He is terribly enigmatic.

    This “Read the rest of the post” business is totally annoying! Who would visit this site and NOT want to read the full text of each post?

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