2 thoughts on “Science vs. Faith”

  1. This would be perfect with an overlay of Carl Sagan’s Baloney Detector as reinforcement.

    Apropos of nothing at all, did you ever realize how VERY EASY it is to write Clerihews?

    Here’s one.

    Carl Sagan
    An avowed pagan
    Amused millions
    With his apocryphal billions and billions.

    Check it out – it complies with all the rules for composing Clerihews.

    Here’s another

    Stephen Jay Gould
    Had everyone fooled
    And generated mass hysteria
    With his Non-0verlapping Magisteria.

    (Mine own, incidentally.)


  2. My hand to God, this is one of the happiest days of my life. My mom has posted POETRY! whoo and likewise hoo!

    Happy sigh. And Keith found my lost jewellery.

    And Katie’s coming home soon.

    And we played and sang at Peggy and Tom’s and ate there sumptuously. I brought plum duff… Fruit off our own trees in February, ah. And I watched Ben and Joe dance. Words cannot describe, so I’ll see if I can get the pix off Martha’s camera. They were actually dancing, but the picture looks as though Joe’s holding Ben in position preparatory to giving him ‘a kitten’s stocking’.

    Happy thoughts.

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