The ultimate challenge

Oh….. my….. Lord.

My brother has thrown down a gauntlet with a challenge of challenges.

He wants me to write a song to replace “The Happy Birthday Song” which is protected by … gulp …. copyright.

Okay, for everybody on this blog who has actually HEARD the Tapioca Song.

Happy Birthday!  Happy Birth…. day!

(Name of person) it’s time for us to celebrate

Happy Birthday!  Happy Birth…day!

Now it is time for you to cut the cake.

That’s the kid version.  But you can also substitute masturbate, find a date (or mate), meet your fate, inebriate, intoxicate, medicate, fly this crate (when it means they can go solo), accelerate (either, as in leave, or drive), hurry up and wait, and I don’t have my rhymin’ dictionary handy but you get the idear.

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