I have got “The Weekend’s Over” which is the scurrilous song I wrote for ScaryClown’s b-day, in the mail to mOm, and I am just finishing up Wish it was mine.  Blues is hard to write down, man  – it is meant to be SUNG not written down in musical notation.  Katie came home to collect her work duds and listen to me play it (I’ve been playing mando for hours today, my fingees are aflame) and she loved it.  Which was nice; she said that should be the next one I record.  It’s going to be a while before I have the money for that kind of thing, but I will definitely be doing it soon.  Every time I teach myself a new chord I end up writing another song.

Even nicer than Katie’s appreciation was her acknowledgment that Dax was being difficult.  The actual words she used were not exactly difficult, but you get the general idear.

I still have tons of Valentines to do – I may have to do some more tomorrow.

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