Yech I really did not need to see that pic

Okay, thanks to the Internet, I now understand the references to the Goatse man.  If you don’t already understand the reference, don’t bother looking it up, and this means YOU, mOm, and if you do get it, you can have a good laugh on me.

ScaryClown emailed me a link to an author about quality.  I burst out laughing when I read the email and replied (enjoying my advanced age for the first time in MONTHS) “Hey, I read that book in 1988.”  Yes, I am referring to the venerable Quality is Free by Philip Crosby, which I read, as I recollect, when I was working at either the law firm or at CDS.  Anyway, it was when God was young and dinosaurs roamed the earth.  It had a very powerful effect on my thinking about how to run a company, and of course I keep finding it in company libraries and in people’s personal collections, and I always laugh when I see it.

It’s like church.  It’s the same message, over and over again.  It’s no surprise that Philip Crosby is a committed Christian, and that his message hums along like a sermon.

Oh, for the purposes of clarity, and to scotch the notion that I’m being sarcastic when I refer to a committed Christian…..  There are committed Christians, and there’s everybody else.  Committed Christians are people who have accepted the yoke of the Lord and make their lives their witness.  They try to love, and they try not to judge.  Everybody else has decided that Christ wears jackboots, and is going to come and kick the shit outta everybody they don’t personally like.  I have yet to meet a Christian who didn’t fall into one of those two categories.  The first kind of Christian I have no issues with.  I’m looking forward to taunting the other kind of Christian in the lake of fire.

As for there being contradictions in the Bible, which really gets my goatse, something bizarre occurred to me recently, and I thought I’d share it.  There are contradictions in my own DNA…. Ain’t nothing whole and perfect, except maybe an idea.

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