Happy Easter

Wonder what the Pope is up to?

In world news, bird flu continues to simmer away in Indonesia. There have been 81 reported cases and 63 deaths, which is a 78 percent kill rate, folks. Across the globe – and this is what has been reported to the CDC so YMMV – it’s 61 percent. This spike above the kill rate for what has been reported globally is likely accounted for by farming practices, medical infrastructure and how long it takes to get critically ill folks to hospital once they start having breathing troubles. The last girl who died in Indonesia had gone into multiple organ failure and was turning blue by the time she was admitted, and that was probably after a jolting ten hour truck ride.

Just remember the magic mantra. If you don’t get sick yourself, you can save other people by pouring weak tea and water into them; if they start bleeding from orifices and turning blue, make them as comfortable as you can and go on to the next one, cause they ain’t gonna make it.

Elsewhere, Warren Buffett has plunked a lot of money down on a railroad, Burlington Northern to be exact, and it’s supposed to be the first time that he’s done that.
Jumping Jimmy Christmas how many times do we have to run over this same old ground?

This is really weird.

Check out the mileage maniacs.