Weird dreams

Last night I dreamed that I was asked by Paul to accompany him to a restaurant somewhere in the States and it turned out we were at some shadowy political meeting. I tried to find out what was going on and was given bland commonplaces and no substance. Finally somebody said, “This group is called the Shift of Honor”. I mean, they looked like a nice enough bunch of middle class white people, although for some reason I got the strong impression that some of them were in disguise.

Then we moved to another table and somebody offered to buy me a shot, which involved not one but two chasers. You know me, it’s a merit badge to consume alcohol somebody else is paying for (bonus points if it’s work) so I downed the shot and BOY did I fall down the rabbit hole. Somebody who looks a lot like Michael Emerling (now known as Michael Cloud and a candidate and fundraiser for the Libertarians) sat across from me and made faces at me while I steadily lost control of my facial muscles and my consciousness. I could FEEL my face and body twitching, it was horrible. I’ve never had a bad drug reaction in a dream before, that’s just bizarre. I know exactly how to interpret this dream, and it’s quite amusing, even if I did touch my face to see if it was okay (well, okay as it ever gets…) when I woke up this morning.

No sign of Katie, although she was in my dreams last night too, taking off in disgust when Lexi and I were remonstrating with her about her boyfriend.

I also dreamed that a kid across the street got a high score in a video game, and he was so excited and happy that he ran through the front door of our house (which was sort of an amalgam of my folks old and new place) to scream and yell about it at Keith, and the reason the door was open was because Katie had just walked out and left it open.