Good news and bad news and the Augur Inn report

The good news is I’m down six pounds since the beginning of May. The bad news is I still don’t have a proper editing toolbar in WordPress. However, Rob of Nine, being the kind of guy he is, has offered to come assist me next Friday. I decided it was an excuse for a party, so I’m throwing a tech support party next Friday after work. Tomorrow I go see Lindsay’s band at the Rowing Club, and I may end up sleeping on Patricia’s floor; personally I’m more inclined to go crash at home, seeing as how it’s one bus ride from her place! There’s even a night bus.

This evening I communed for three hours straight with the downstairs cleaning in Dr. Filk’s old place. I’m ALMOST done the kitchen. Still have to do one last wipe down of the counters, but everything else is clean.  Also I vacuumed in his old bedroom – again – as there was debris on the carpets from where Paul put in new plugs. That room looks amazing now – Paul also put back the wooden louvred doors – all in all it looks a most attractive room. One more wipe down of the windows and it should be good to show. Also damp mopped and put floor polish on the downstairs bathroom and got the last boxes and a cat carrier out of the dungeon storage room. It’s getting there. The real estate agent will be in early next week.

I light a candle for my boss. I like him personally and professionally, and to be wholly professional… I shall say no more.

good points and the best part is the comments

The “niliverse” comes to light.  I have already kicked the Cato Institute for not taking the long view, but this is also interesting.

Remember folks, it’s all about the breeding rights.  If lying allows you to control more resources, and your resources allow you to access a richer / prettier / better connected breeding partner (or hell, partners), you will do it, because it’s a genetically viable option.

BUT if you’re not a Repoopagain duckwit with a sense of entitlement even bigger than mine (and that’s making a statement…) you will eckshully consider the downline costs to your grands and great grands.  So it’s the same game, played out by people with different timelines.  Those crazy capitalism-constricting econuts are thinking about breeding rights, but not with their gonads….

Oh, and did you hear that Cindy Sheehan quit!?  Good for her!  She found out the hard way that the Democraps are just as inclined to bail on their promises as the Repulsagains.

ahem. More messing about in boats, er, computers.

Me and Peggy:

Okay, so I figured out how to post pix but they resize so that I looked like I was a second string member of the Addams Family, (thus the thumbnail) or attempt to take over the blogroll while erasing Peggy from the pic, and I actually have to pound the html code to post the pic, because the little utility bar that lets you post links etc etc has utterly vanished. So although the internet has NOT been particularly helpful about fixing this, I now believe there are a couple of things I need to install before I can get the toolbar back, and I really want somebody holding my hand for the procedure. In the meantime I have a workaround.

Me and Peggy (messed up version):

I gotta wash dishes and get outta here, I owe work some serious hours with all of my messing about with Telus.

Can’t post pix

Interesting… I can’t upload pix anymore. I will ponder this further when I get home tonight. I suspect there is a setting amiss someplace in WordPress that will be relatively trivial… everything else is working great.

As beautiful as this place is, it is also a construction site… more buildings will be going up over time. Fortunately there’s very little work done on weekends and the rest takes place when I should by rights be awake.

It was so good to see Peggy, however briefly. I light a candle for her.

Sheesh, look at the time. Must fly.

It’s late and I should go to bed

But my widdy head is still spinning about how easy this computer is to use. I downloaded a 139 meg file in just shy of 8 minutes, pressed “Install” and 90 seconds later I was opening a new document and typing away. And I downloaded a bunch of other software as well…..

I really really should take some painkillers and go to bed…..

Peggy picked up more boxes for the church move. I’ve got all boxes out of the living room but the bedroom still looks… eesh.