Johnny Cash wrote over a thousand songs

So I guess I have some catching up to do… But you know, it’s the darnedest thing.  Art, that is, or sullen craft….  Anyway, I wrote a love song on behalf of somebody else; this would be about fifteen years ago now.  The song makes out the beloved to be – well, you know, special.

And I s’pose the object of the love, or lust, or alchemy, continues to be perfect, because that’s the way the song portrays her.  But in real life, she put on another 200 pounds, won’t look after herself in other ways, and will now toss you over the side if you so much as question anything about her current headlong rush into oblivion.

It’s one of my daughter’s fave songs of mine.  (Keith loathes them all, and rushes out of the room if I so much as start singing or picking up a musical instrument, even.  He will sit still for me singing something from the soundtrack for O Brother Where Art Thou or Both Sides the Tweed, or songs from WWII, but other than that he makes like a scalded cat.)  I am thinking it’s been a long time since I sang with Katie.

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