so anyway (family bad news)

Now, my mother will kick my heinie if I talk about any of this in a sloppy, sentimental or overly dramatic way, but I think the sensitive viewer will admit that finding out that your mom has cancer is one of those things that makes you very preoccupied and introspective.

Having said that I must hasten to add a number of facts:

She’ll still probably live a long time.  By the numbers – and we’re kind of funny that way, as a family, thinking about probabilities in as realistic a fashion as we can – it’s true.
She’s going to get excellent care.
She’s not scared, freaked out or lying on the bathroom floor washing tranks down with red wine, while my dad frantically beats on the door calling her name. Actually, I find it rather amusing to even suggest that she’d do such a thing, it’s so far away from what she’s like.  In fact, I’d pay good money to watch her pretend to do that.

Everything that’s about to happen is going to be an inconvenience.  That’s the way she’s treating it, and I’m going to line up behind her on that one, although you can bet your sweet ass I’ll be visiting her somewhat more frequently in future, now that my 8 months of navel gazing are done. I’ll be more comfortable knowing what the course of treatment is going to be, but I’m not going to waste two seconds feeling sorry for her or me.  If you have her contact info you can fire off an email to her directly or you can post comments to this if you feel so inclined.

The waiting is hard.  We’ll be better when there’s something to be done.

I always thought Newt Gingrich was questionably abled

Until I saw this speech.

I sure saw more that I agreed with than I thought I would.  And anybody who can work the word ‘seriatum’ into a speech and look like he uses it all the time appropriately in the process will make me weak in the knees. Gosh, humans are suckers for speech fluency, didja ever notice?

Dinner was wonderful.  I am currently meditating on how I’m a meat and two veg kind of woman.

Communicative evening.

Briefest, Keith. I was watching a parkour video at the same time and didn’t tell him.

Next, me auld mither. Much earflapping commiserating plotting etc.

Next, the dear lass Peggy, returned with smiles from visiting NFLD. And and and – sailing! Tom in a sailboat for the first time in 40 years. Experiencing vicarious happiness!!! I’ll see them at church on Sunday with Tammy, if everything goes as skedded.

Then, Brother Jerome, to toast in words his anticipated and upcoming nuptials with the stunning and practical (ah, such a wonderful combination in a life partner) Shannon.

Briefly, Mike, “I have gift for you = and Tammy is coming so don’t be a stranger!”

Then Elly, who is going to Toronto to visit her boys next month! And fine, strapping lads they are, too, full of creative vim and energy.

Then, daughter Katie. I owe her money, how did that happen?

Now the smell of the chicken wings I cooked is getting quite assertive, so I’m gonna have sweet potato and chicken wings.


Jericho & other natters

The first thought in my head this morning was “If I ever own a country house I’m going to call it Guinnessfree.”  And I think my mother is the only person who reads this blog who will appreciate that.

Jericho was lovely. The headliners were Kathy Francis and Andrea Smith and they played a most wonderful assortment of songs, and even closed with a filk of “I only have eyes for you” which laments the fact that BC teachers can no longer give F’s but must give “I’s”.  So “I only have “I’s” for you” got a big laugh as the closing number.  I got to go up second during the open stage, which as always was great and included AMAZING slide resonator guitar.
I took a wonderful picture of the moon but I can’t get it to resize so I can post it.  Grr.

Every night since I came home from Victoria I’ve lain for about five minutes, convincing myself that the stupid scary rabbit from Donnie Darko isn’t in my room.

I’m never taking the Skytrain coming home from Jericho again, the bus is way more civilized.  The 135 runs pretty well all night and the 145 stops at 12:30, so I’ll take the 4 to Hastings and the 135 home. I cleared my door before midnight. And I would have been home sooner but I missed the 10:35 by about 30 seconds, which was annoying.

Why I love my friends (part 976)

This just in from the Dalai Jarmo:


Last night was a 100% lunar eclipse, so while watching it I got an idea.  The next 100% SOLAR eclipse will be in Siberia just east of KOMI in the Yamalo-Nenetskyi autonomous regions of Russia all which is just somewhat east of where I was born.  My father in law has made numerous trips to the Komi region and has agreed to be the tour organizer.
We would travel to London by cheap flights, (well cheapest anyway), then fly by BUZZ air to Mikkeli Finland.  From there we would take the Siberian Express train to Komi, and then something else to get to Nadym in the Yamalo-Nenetskyi autonomous region.  Then we watch the 100% solar eclipse and come back home.
The peak eclipse is on August 1, 2008 at 10:21:08.1 AM, and the eclipse lasts for a couple of minutes.

Okay, I am comPLETEly nuts, but this actually sounds like, you know, a plan!