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A Social Network my dad can get next to.

Thanks ScaryClown.

Don’t click on this link unless you are prepared to see what happens when you combine alcohol, a wardrobe malfunction, heroically bad martial arts chops and a friend with a digital camera.

ScaryClown sent me that one too.  It’s a truly amazing picture, and I feel sorry for the poor bastard.  Really.  Why is he still wearing a tie?

 How to make boats more environmentally friendly.

Forwarded from Peter T.

Another loverly day

My passport’s here already!  I get to pick it up tomorrow. Katie says hers has turned up but she has to take time off work to pick it up so she’s some choked.  Oh well  ….NOW I CAN BOOK OUR VACATION!!!!! WEE.

Keith watched the Happy Feet segment of King of Jazz and he loved it almost as much as I did.  If anybody cares….

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Keith reports that he was on a Skytrain that got struck by lightning.  He said the car went deader than a doorknob and when the repair guy showed up (4 minutes later) he said the car disappeared off the screen at central like it wasn’t there any more.  To be anywhere in Vancouver and see lightning at all is unusual – to be in a Skytrain car that gets hit is downright freaky.

Went to Planet Bachelor tonight for a cooperative dinner and to pick up the camping gear.  I will not be posting unless my cell phone works up there, which I doubt, and I don’t feel like paying $30 in internet charges just to log onto my crummy site.  So I’ll be away from Friday night to Sunday night.

I am really looking forward to it, although a lot of my fave folks will be no shows due to other commitments.

Spoke to one of the Beacon young adults today about getting cooperative ministry set up at SFU.  We will see what happens.  I loved small group ministry when Paul and I were hosting – I have so many happy memories of that time.

Kira JUMPED INTO MY LAP when I was at Planet Bachelor tonight – that was a lot like getting struck by kitty lightning.

I must with sadness report that Speck, a companion animal in Chipper’s family, has gone where all good dogs go.  He was a lively critter – he loved to run.


I’m still processing from my labyrinth walk yesterday.  Walking meditations – for those who are able – are very powerful and go a long way down into the human psyche.  I found it interesting that I experienced the entire walk as resistance and physical pain, but the next morning, I woke up knowing what I have to do; I am clear again and realize the pain was a reminder that there’s something I have to do, which I won’t enjoy.

To be more specific, I have gotten into a bad habit, and I have to shed it, and the sooner I do the better off the world will be. So the walk was a reminder to drop something rather than acquire it.

I was the first person to walk the labyrinth as part of an open house which Ellesmere United Church hosted – it’s in the SAME BUILDING where I live.  What are the odds?  When I walked into this building, I was overcome by a feeling that I was in the right place… learning that a Chartres labyrinth is now part of the architecture of the place, and that it was put in while I was living here, has only made the living here sweeter.

Soon I will leave this nest for a new one – I don’t know exactly when or how.  But it will be soon, and then I will move into a different phase of my life, one in which I am not living by myself.   In the meantime, I have acquired some good habits and some discipline about keeping my personal space cleaner and tidier.  But I gotta say, I am SO looking forward to having somebody else to cook for, I’m going to cook and bake like a maniac the first couple of weeks.

On Sunday I will have been off smokes for two weeks.  It’ll be interesting to see if I can avoid smoking the next time I see Paul or daughter Katie.