2 thoughts on “More flesh on the Baloney Detector”

  1. The other day my Baloney Detector red-lined. I had been warned that I would be recipient of many alternative medicine strategies once I made my cancer diagnosis known. Warning was correct. One was the Japanese water treatment – said to cure EVERYTHING, perhaps excluding hollow heels and thrumps (extra credit for identifying the source of those terms, family members may not participate) and then came the recommendation to look into the works of Deepak Chopra. I did, and WARNING WILL ROBINSON! was my reaction. Friend who recommended this was responding to my mild interest in learning meditation. Those of DC’s words which are available on the Internet incorporated most of the logical fallacies in the Sagan-originated Baloney Detection kit. And in addition to that they flunked grammar and syntax.
    So if I do want to learn meditation, it will have to be elsewhere.

  2. Colin H used to talk about the bogosity meter. Much the same.

    Meditation is wonderful stuff; I got spoiled doing group meditation with small group ministry at church. There’s something really powerful, really spiritual and very life affirming about meditating in a group. I now can’t do it by myself! I was actually sitting in bed last night thinking about getting up and meditating and the idea of doing it my myself made me feel so uncombobulated and sad that I stopped.

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