My brain is 50% boy and 50% girl

I have taken a number of on line tests in the past but today’s was the most detailed… from the bbc website.

As I’ve noted from previous tests, my brain is exactly half boy and half girl.  This will come as no surprise to my lunch time companions, who are as startled by my interest in things no other woman they know gives a toss about as they are by me berating them whenever they make with the sexist cheese.

Off to New West to help Katie with financial stuff.

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3 thoughts on “My brain is 50% boy and 50% girl”

  1. I score straight down the middle too. Half boy, half girl. This explains my computer geekiness, I suppose, and my love for Formula 1 racing…

  2. I was surprised at how well I recognized mental states from the eyes. I felt I was guessing, almost randomly, for all of them. Overall I’m right in the middle too.

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