2 thoughts on “Vertigo”

  1. Is any reader old enough to remember the kind of stereoscope which had cards, and a holder that slid to permit focus? This picture brought to mind my first experience of this archaic entertainment – the card was of somebody sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon. I don’t suppose any present child would have the thrill of seeing the three-dimensional view snap into focus that I did many decades ago.

  2. I remember spending rainy summer afternoons looking into my grandfather’s stereopticon. It was old enough that most of the photos were in black and white (and a few of them were of the family place!), but there were a few gorgeous hand-tinted ones as well.

    My contemporaries had the View-Master, (we had one too) but I preferred the stereopticon.

    I remember going to some hi-tech fair a couple of years ago, and there was a guy in Vancouver trying to revive the 3-D photo, using modern technology.

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