4 thoughts on “Wiki for police”

  1. One might note that the popular press recently reported that the Wikipedia is being manipulated by world governments.

  2. Yes…. and the technology for proving that they are doing it has provided a well deserved kick in the goolies to the culprits, too.

  3. Usually history is not rewritten so quickly…and who will know which posts/amendments are legit and which are not?
    Amendments? Legit? Oops, did I say that?

  4. The real trick, it seems, is to regard EVERYTHING with suspicion, and to accept only that which one’s accumulated knowledge and experience supports as plausible. Example: If I know the approximate year of the birth of JSBach, and the Internet gives me different days of different months of that year, I go to yet another source, and then another, if my purpose calls for that much accuracy. This makes for swift reading of the local paper , and slower reading of better-referenced journals.

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