Fiction and non fiction

I am in the process of writing a near future / SF novel which contains a kind of computer virus called (in the story) a nukeworm.

Then I read this.

Would anybody care to speculate what Phase II is likely to be?  In my story, a politically (as in wanting to change behavior of certain individuals) not criminally (as in MONEY) motivated group of hackers uses the nukeworm to harvest social networking information.  In real life…… ai-yi.

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  1. Finally a true virus. Phase II may well be a large intelligence gathering operation (recording keystrokes to get account numbers and pin numbers, recording passwords, and then a continuous small attack on every financial institution in the world. Small so as to go unnoticed for the maximum length of time, when discovered shut down and evolved like a true virus to attack again and again. If they scoop $10.00 out of your account you might not report it. I imagine that a lot of repressive governments are heaving a sigh of relief that this truly might be the end of the anarchic, free and uncensored internet that i and others love.

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