In Victoria

Movies: Pink Floyd Live in Pompeii;

Children of Men

and we got half way through a CHERRY print of Robinson Crusoe on Mars

GRRR there was something wrong with the actual DVD; it stopped in the middle of a closeup on Mona’s face.

Yesterday, in church, bad puns broke out. It was very, very bad, mostly because Lady Miss Banjola and Dr Filk were not there to raise the insanity to ever higher levels.

Now I’m going to see if I can drag my bro out to breakfast. Nope – he’s made me oatmeal. Then the food shop….
The trip here started repulsive and got better and better; the weather was so much more clement it was very pleasant to stand it in while waiting briefly for Jeff. When I left my place at SFU it was howling a gale and slanting rain, and I lost my bus pass on the ground, and so missed the first bus retracing my steps to see what the hell I had done with it. I found it right out front of my apartment building (thank guh) and then spent three hours alternately waiting for a bus and riding one. It’s an $85 cab ride to the ferry terminal from my place (I did it once, partly to see how much it cost and partly because I was feeling quite worn out) but I don’t think I’ll be that self indulgent again if I can help it.
Jeff’s kitties are doing famously. They were both sitting in the window of the computer room this morning intently looking at something of cat interest.

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5 thoughts on “In Victoria”

  1. I don’t want to see Children of Men. I read the book, being fond of PDJames AKA Dame Patricia, but she really let herself go on a not-very-future dystopia. There’s enough of that in the news. I want my recreational movies to be funny, and kind, and have lots of music in them. Watched Born Romantic last night. It suited.

  2. >funny, and kind, and have lots of music in them.

    Have you seen Hairspray? I was raised on mid-20th century Hollywood musicals in which people randomly burst into song and/or dance.

  3. Yes, Hairspray is great fun. It also shows that there is a reason for the personality called Rikki Lake

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