Men & EMOtions

There was a comedian (male) who remarked that men have only four emotions.  Horny, angry, hungry and tired.  I heard this and thought…. Hm.  There’s one missing. Where’s busy?

Second Season of Deadwood Disk 4.

The company Xmas party is on November 24th.

Today I will book the vacation.

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11 thoughts on “Men & EMOtions”

  1. According to therapists “Anger” is merely a masking emotion for a real emotion (guilt, sad, hurt, etc.). In my experience, the wife is rarely informed what triggered the outburst of anger. For Jim, work is the best therapy for anger, frustation, etc. However, should contemplation of corrective action be required the solution will come after many soul searching walks with man’s best friend (Sumer).

  2. Loki, if this is really true, I think you are way more mature and emotinally-gifted than most men. Care to weigh in on this Nautilus3? Anger during driving, could be masking frustration.

  3. Uh-uh. Loki is an upfront person – what you see is what you get. And surely you would agree that other drivers give endless cause for anger? Maybe anger can be redefined as frustration but I don’t want to quibble about words. Whatever it is with Loki, it surely looks like genuine pissed-offedness.

  4. Nautilus3, I meant if the only time that Loki gets angry is while driving then he is a very mature and emotionally-gifted man.

  5. Well, I’d have ta lift the veil of silence on that, I’m afraid. I’ve heard pOp let off some pretty pungent steam while working on cars. Hm. I detect a trend.

  6. IWATC, Debbie. I am sure the entire point the unremembered comic was making that men do tend to push all unwanted emotions into the “Anger” box, rather than naming them (as women are more likely to do), and this dealing with them in some fashion.

    I do appreciate Allegra’s addendum of “busy”, which is redolent of Bokononism. Because if we call all put enough”busy” into our lives, we can ignore the things that connect us to ourselves and others (the needs for hunger, sleep, food, sex), and the things which make us human – the ability to identify and reflect on our situation, hence emotions.

  7. Thank you for your insight Kopper. Have printed the article you provided for later reading (as I have an appointment). I agree men tend to push all unwanted emotions into the Anger box and in doing so MAY BE blaming someone else for the unwanted emotion. Women tend to push anger into the depressed box thus blaming themselves. Marriage councelling taught Jim and I to get beyond our initial reactions, Anger and Sadness, respectively AND communicate more effectively.

    I did get the point the comic was making, but failed to explain myself very well in my post AND I do agree with Allegra getting busy is a constructive way of dealing with a whole range of emotions. Way better than ruminating.

  8. I have now read the article and while it had me smiling, I couldn’t help but think that I was raised in a household where men were NOT pigs. They were functioning humans.

    I’ll have to go away and think about that.

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