Off to see daughter Katie

I booked the car and I’m going to scoop her up and administer mom energy……

Mini road trip.

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2 thoughts on “Off to see daughter Katie”

  1. Good idea. A road trip will provide distraction, maybe a few laughs and a break from the anguish Katie must be going through. If you came up with any brilliant, effective means of helping Katie, please do share. I will send you an e-mail.

  2. We drove out to UBC, came back along 16th and then Broadway and then Kingsway, and then I took her to Kura, a REAL Japanese restaurant (ie, the SERVERS were Nipponese, and more than 20% of the people eating there were Nipponese, including two Nipponese sararimen getting tanked on sake at the sushi bar, right down to the apologetic conversation in Japanese to the wifey (Katie blandly and quietly providing his side of the conversation in English while I killed myself laughing)) and had an amazing Japanese meal (dinner for two… miso soup, sunomono, agedashu tofu, veg tempura, deep fried chicken (succulent), nigiri and rolled sushi and green tea ice cream for 38 bucks). FRESH WASABI. RRRR!

    Katie talked and I listened and tried to be supportive and non judgmental. There’s a qualitative difference to how she’s talking about it, actively trying to think about how she has to get busy to stop herself from thinking about him all the time. It’s like when she quit drinking, how she had to shift things around so her life wasn’t organized around things that were bad for her.

    I have to say that I am really not happy about how miserable and hollow and achey she is right now, but she’s doing all the right things, she’s moving back in with her pop and she’s trying to reconnect with all the friends he wouldn’t let her have. Sigh. I told her ,) Hey, put me in the calendar for once every couple of weeks, okay???

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