Sundry and various

Door #1

Being: A stop motion cardboard box race taking place in a university library.

Door #2

Being: A brief, briefly surreal ad about why you should adopt a dog.

Door #3

Being: An ad for ‘anti-gravity boots’. Accurate if the ‘anti-gravity’ involved is how people will smirk when they see you wearing these…

Door #4

Being: A man sets up a neighborhood speed trap with a hair dryer, and records the results. I should have seen the punch line coming.

Door #5

Being: Further proof that a picture is worth a thousand words. You don’t need to speak German to ‘get’ this site.

Door #6

Being: Johann Lipowicz deconstructing a Paul Young song in mime. A lot funnier than it sounds, especially around 3:09.

Door #7

Being: How Australians deal with stupid tourist questions with joie de vivre.

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  1. Door #7 is the same questions with a couple of particulars changed that have been being asked of Canadian tourist centres lo these many years. Last attributation I read was to BC Tourism. Looks like we’ve been lifted.

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