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Have some clinical humour.

graffiti from Oscar Grant Plaza in Oakland PIGS ARE HARAM

I know I complain but I’m not a Black trans man from a religious Windrush family forced to live with his rellies during COVID in the UK. I sent him a message of support this morning, because whatever my life looks like it doesn’t involve being misgendered by my close relatives first thing in the morning.

Jeff and I took our lives in our hands AND ATE AT IHOP THIS MORNIN’


I handed out Cap Shields.

Kima pulls a flailie down Denman St

Supposedly a rendering of two neutron stars colliding but I have no idea and ten minutes looking for the provenance of this image proved fruitless NO I LIE IT’S FROM

Check out this incredible Rube Goldberg machine WITH BIRDSONG

Queen Green Screen Meme

The Queen DELIBERATELY wore a green dress for her address. She’s a fucking legend. A colonial thief also, but a legend nonetheless.




@paullicino on twitter is responsible for this gem, which shows the queen wearing a STTNG uniform and addressing number one and Picard



In this picture she is wearing a ‘fucking birds’ shirt with a hawk and the words ‘Eat Farts’


Ethan Kocak @blackmudpuppy has given the world a brilliantly coloured mantis shrimp (tiny homburg hat flying off) PUNCHING A CORONAVIRUS



today for sure I make masks

The 40 second Philippino style mask will work in a pinch but I need ones I can tie.

Katie’s promised a social distancing walk on Sunday, I’m so looking forward to it.

Another agent has rejected me. It’s okay. I’ll be dead before any of these books take off, it’s kinda how things are going to work with me. I already got issued all my luck, I can’t expect more.


above-noted link goes to a frog knocking a bug off a wall. IT IS SO FUNNY

below-noted link goes to a visualization of the cause of death stats in the US


copied from Twitter:
George Hulston


Last night I certified far more deaths than I can ever remember doing in a single shift. The little things hit you: a book with a bookmark in, a watch still ticking, an unread text message from family. Pandemic medicine is hard.
He’s a doc in London UK
Leora Horwitz a doc in NYC says and I quote
I kept underestimating their exertional hypoxia. Learned my lesson when I transferred one pt to lower acuity floor and he had a syncopal event getting from wheelchair to new bed. Walked all patients with pulse ox prior to d/c.


Curioser and curioser


My name in Ascii font ‘Graffitti’

   _____  .__  .__                              
  /  _  \ |  | |  |   ____   ________________   
 /  /_\  \|  | |  | _/ __ \ / ___\_  __ \__  \  
/    |    \  |_|  |_\  ___// /_/  >  | \// __ \_
\____|__  /____/____/\___  >___  /|__|  (____  /
        \/               \/_____/            \/ 
     __________.__              __    __        
     \______   \__|__  __ _____/  |__/  |_      
      |       _/  \  \/ // __ \   __\   __\     
      |    |   \  |\   /\  ___/|  |  |  |       
      |____|_  /__| \_/  \___  >__|  |__|       
             \/              \/                 
  /   _____/|  |   ____   _____ _____    ____   
  \_____  \ |  |  /  _ \ /     \\__  \  /    \  
  /        \|  |_(  <_> )  Y Y  \/ __ \|   |  \ 
 /_______  /|____/\____/|__|_|  (____  /___|  / 
         \/                   \/     \/     \/
800000 infected as of this morning

today’s status

Image result for images pink fairy armadillo

But first, a pink fairy armadillo

Virtually everyone in my novels is suffering from a major mental illness, I only just realized that now, and alien hero George veers between coldly civil rationality/urbanity, and florid, bug-eyed, narcissistic, consensus-reality-evasion.

Well, he didn’t start off knowing that his bug-eyed crazy mother had DRUGGED HIM and his mate-to-be, to sequester them so they couldn’t breed with anyone else. Or that he had two occult siblings living inside him, only one of whom he could actually communicate with, and that poorly. And he went wackdoodle IN SPACE when they left him; and then his mate shoved him out the airlock in the equivalent of a rhinohide drop ship with a gumwad for a parachute.


Processed using calibrated polarized near-infrared (CB2, MT2) filtered images of Saturn taken by Cassini on November 17 2012.

NASA/JPL-Caltech/SSI/CICLOPS/Kevin M. Gill from twitter today


millennial prayer

Biscotti batch 3 in oven, this will be AWESOME

Image is where to buy this AWESOME MERCH PLEASE ensure that Keith sees this I’m sure he’ll be amused this is from @wangleberry on twitter and she lettered this after something her ‘idiot husband’ (WRONG) said.

If Phyllis was still alive I TOTES WOULD GET THIS FOR HER

Japanese folk art called Temari


Source, Nana Akua, photographing her grandmother’s  work. Shown are 24 brightly coloured embroidered balls in a variety of mostly geometric patterns, showing tremendous skill and design subtlety

That balloon we’ve been talking about; it’s gone up. NC2019 is forcing the admissions of 100 people per day in Wuhan and it’s appeared in Singapore and Thailand. Just learned this from Helen Branswell from an article from China that hasn’t been translated into English yet.

abba antiqua (Dancing Queen on an elderly organ)

Check it out!


the absolutely fabulous Elise Matthiesen says


Sometimes anger will give you enough traction to make it through whatever lousy situation you’re in, whether that situation involves self-harm or other people telling you that you don’t exist. Anger often has some collateral damage, though. It’s usually not a precision tool.