My flabs in zero g

Well, not exactly.

Smell for comfort. 

I may have posted this already, but it’s still funny.

V. cool pic of deep sea urchins.

Human reproduction sure can be odd. 

Will Allegra stop providing links to articles about the collapse of the Yankee dollar?  Sadly, no.

Math Song Finite Simple Group of Order Two. 

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2 thoughts on “My flabs in zero g”

  1. Finite Simple Group of Order Two.

    Best lurve song ever.

    And, as you know, the US dollar thing certainly cuts both ways for me. Yes, cheaper for me to help maintain Mom in the home, but makes the waterfront property harder to sell for a decent return.

  2. Due to the instability of the US economy and the guarantees provided within the Canadian banking system, I will be encouraging Jenny to keep most of her money in Canadian banks even though she lives in the US (going to university) and only returns home occasionally for visits.

    Lots of good news about retail pricing in Canada coming our way though. Maybe our next car will cost us a lot less?? Wonder how long these decreasing prices will take to affect wage and salaries, because the cost of living will probably drop?

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