Last night I dreamed that I, my cousin and an unknown accomplice used a passkey to get into a stylish penthouse where we stole …shoes….  why shoes? What about jewellery and money?  I am a lousy thief even in my dreams.  Then she came home and was…. suspicious of these chattering women on her private stairs and like a moron I said, “We were up on the roof garden” and I ditched my bag of incriminating evidence – at the very last minute I had decided to huck some Capezios into my bag – and promptly locked myself in an extremely cold, dank, dark and disgusting room.  The end.

Tonight I’m off to get fed by the Luddite, tomorrow, Tom and Peggy will be feeding me, what bliss.  I like it when the major meal for the next two days is looked after.

You would never be able to tell Katie cleaned my apartment on Monday.  I am a bad, bad puppy. So until I’m off for dinner, it’s cleanin’ time.

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