Tetris made of people

Quite literally, what it says.

It’s snowing again. 

Daughter Katie’s coming over this afternoon and We Will, We Will Deadwood.  Hopefully the transit system is up to the task of getting her here.

I found a hilarious critique of Libertarianism on line.

Last night I dreamed I was back in the High Park area of Toronto.  I guess I’m sick of looking at stucco houses.  I miss many things about Toronto; I miss seeing the CN Tower and I miss a lot of the friends I have there (Tammy, Catherine, Dave, Jan and others).  I miss Kensington Market the way it was, I miss the colour of Lake Ontario on a windy fall day, I miss being able to ice skate outside in the wintertime.

Sometimes I wish I could live in three places at once, because there are things I miss about Montreal too.  I miss the Dorval circle and the absolutely craziness of the town when the festivals like the Jazz festival and Just For Laughs were on; I miss how people dress with more style and drive with more verve (and frankly, consistently better than the unwashed hordes of incompetents who adorn the roads in Vancouver); I miss being able to hear Inuktitut spoken in the street; I miss skating in La Centre de la Nature in Laval, the best outdoor skating venue in Canada; I miss the wild variety of the weather, even.

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5 thoughts on “Tetris made of people”

  1. I think you can pretty much forget about the outdoor skating on natural ice in Toronto, and possibly Montreal as well. (well, yes there are still outdoor rinks but they are artificially cooled).
    Did you know that in the first half of the 20the century, you could skate outdoors in Kitsilano? That in the second half of the 20th century, you could with some regularity, skate outdoors in Coquitlam?
    Faro YT (approx latitude 62) lost its permafrost in 1903, Dawson City(approx latitude 64) is losing it now.

    Ask Walter Gretzky what’s become of his outdoor rink.
    Global weirding marches on.

  2. Original thoughts on skiing and outdoor skating in Ottawa for 2008 looked promising. Now, I’m starting to have my doubts about the successful opening of Winterlude.

    I too miss Toronto and (if we had the money) I would have liked to spend a few days around New Years’ enjoying the celebrations and outdoor skating at Nathen Phillips Square (sp??).

  3. nature said this year that there would be lots of snow at the beginning of winter (so far correct), but hardly any at the middle to end. I didn’t get a temperature reading though, haven’t figured out what to watch
    And Debbie, it is Nathan, not Nathen, since you wondered…

  4. Thanks Chipper. Actually, I wasn’t even sure I had the correct name either — really bad memory problems going on here at the moment!

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