More life

  • Wonderful meeting with Bareld; I am now feeling MUCH better about being a treasurer. He said “I’ve seen it all” and he shared.  We often end services with “You are not alone” as the benediction, and he provided coffee chocolate and sage advice so I really felt the benediction!  Also got to see Marylke briefly as she came in from erranding about.
  • Paid UPS so we won’t lose our church mailbox.  Given it’s the address on the cheques…. you see the problem.
  • Tomorrow, cleaning and cooking for the board meeting at my house.  It will be a potluck.  I’m actually kinda looking forward to it.
  • Keith has framed and will be hanging up his ‘shingle’ – his diploma and professional designations – at the place he is now working.  I AM THRILLED.
  • Katie phoned me yesterday to ‘hear the sound of my voice’ (and can there BE words a mother more wants to hear, at least a partway functioning mom) and to tell me she’s trying to rearrange her sched so she’s got Sunday Monday off.  This is partly because she wants to actually SEE Kyle, and also because as she said, “If I get it you’ll see more of me in church.”  THRILLED ALSO.  Two very very happy making convos in one day, it was rather delightfully dizzying.
  • Saw Premium Rush AND LOVED IT.  I had heard it was a guilty pleasure of a movie, but all I can say is that it was very well constructed and didn’t have airs or pretensions – it was made to entertain, at which it succeeded marvellously.  I now have Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s evol chuckle percolating through my brain.
  • Margot barfed on my copy of Red Roses and Dead Things.  This does not accord with my opinion of this fine work of music.
  • Jeff continues to be the World’s Most Awesome Bro™.





Saturday housefilk Lazy Sunday

Sunday wasn’t actually 100% lazy, we put the awning back up in the back deck. They did SUCH A SH*TTY JOB of power washing. Water POURED into the house and soaked some rugs and wrecked some laundry soap. Jeff exposed me to ER, which I never got to watch because Paul and I didn’t have cable for most of the time we lived together.

Saturday, the housefilk was totally amazing; Jeri Lynn and Jeff came up from Seattle and so there was CELLO and BASS and DULCIMER AND 12 STRING and BANJOLA and OCTAVE MANDOLIN and 6 STRING and OCARINA and BODHRAN and we sang played ate drank mint tea, rinse repeat, until almost 11 pm. THANK YOU TOM AND PEGGY FOR HOSTING, my place next Saturday. Cousin Lexi was there and she choked with laughter when we played a Habitrail named Klein.

Today I’m going to have lunch with Dustiny (I am joking with his name) and I’m looking forward to it as I am already planning to order Butter Chicken with extra cilantro.

Today I am baking biscotti and working on some other money making stuff. Also since I’m in the mood, more song notation. (It goes much faster when I am not forcing myself).

Everybody have a lovely day!


Gotta love the Germans: circumcision declared child abuse/harm to child.

There’s a fine line between narcissism and self esteem.  What facebook is good for.

Don’t even get my brother started on dark matter/energy.

Now that mOm is watching SG1…..

Yes, wish I had some.

Fire up some way cool google search techniques.

Too bad

I WISH I could talk about work in detail.  There was a communiqué from Finance yesterday that managed to combine Kafka, Jacques Tati and General Nivelle in its spirit, tone and usefulness.  The originator will be receiving one of Allegra’s Famous Emails™. Since that about covers it without being too specific or blaming individuals, I’ll let that one go out into the world unchallenged.

Last night Jeff and I had purple potatoes, steamed carrots and onions, and the leftover pork chops.  The purple taters were so om nom nom.  I will do them mashed sometime for fun.

After supper we watched Capitalism, A Love Story which had the usual annoying Michael Moore tics (I prefer people with some dignity so I always hate it when he lets people cry on camera, but that’s me being a frikkin WASP there darlin’) but was otherwise very well done, and if I disliked the crony politicians of the Reagan, Clinton and Bush eras I loathe them now.  The scale of the plunder that has occurred and the short sightedness of it all disgust me to my core.  However, a collapse at this point is inevitable, and Canada and many other places will get dragged into the maelstrom, so everybody learn to grow food.

After the movie, I dragged myself out to the Puddle™, where Paul, Keith and Katie were also swimming and soaking.  It was very nice to hang around with them.  I didn’t actually swim, I just gave my back some relief from the horrors of being attached to me for a while.  Then I came home and slept until 6:03 in the morning, which is like a frikkin’ miracle.

Also, I finished a song in Songwriter (Walk Away)… the one that goes I have tried to walk away, but my thoughts will not wear shoes, I would pity my poor mind, if I had a mind to lose (which I wrote last summer but seems very apt these days).

I don’t know if any of the foregoing constitutes staying busy or not.  When I see what other people accomplish I feel pretty slow.  Anyway, to horse!  I need to get into work and flatten some paper.


Birthday roundup

I banged on Jeff’s door at 6 am: “Where’s my present where’s my present where’s my pre—-sent!!!!??”

“Sheesh.  Close your eyes and open your hands…”

“Sheeeeeit!  All five seasons of THE WIRE with special bonus features!”  Happy dance.

Last night Tom and Peggy feasted me (Jeff, Paul, kids in attendance, w00t!) with Roast Beast, roast taters’n’garlic, peas, corn, and Katie brought a fabulous pumpkin swirl cheesecake and Peggy made her unbelievably awesome gingerbread cake.  It migrated home.

Happy happy sigh.

Katie and I walked home from their place – I slept quite soundly.

The Castle episode was loads of fun (I love how Becket does not cave to pressure to ‘believe’) and the House episode WTF!? Since when are patients s’posed to die??

Now I have to go to the dentist to get a crown.  Happy birthday to me!  Also, must get to the krankenhaus and bail out Miss Ziva, who is a very, very expensive habit.

And the web swings wide

I am breakfasting with Paul – oatmeal – and drinking coffee.  I know I’m being a slug so I’m encouraging Paul to get me exercising so we went for a constitutional this morning.  Margot thought about coming along for the first little bit but she’s even lazier than I am.

I have been watching the world, and I am not happy with the signs.  I do not trust the future; I’m uneasy in the present and the past is gnawing at me.  Many different waves are coming at me and I am reminded of Loppe’s comment to Gelis, “Buoyancy, mademoiselle, is always an asset.”

I am hoping my mother will get some mileage out of the Henry Thomas Wake diaries – there’s somebody in England who runs a lovely blog who’s interested in them.

The homily is stalled on the notion that if you can’t connect cognitive bias to a story (without stories how shall the people live?) the homily itself will be lifeless and unmemorable.

The hymns, fortunately, are picked out and off to the accompanist, thank you Marnie!

I borrowed Mike’s 12 string Aria electric, and now I’m in the market for an amp.

Tom is working on my subwoofer for the car.  I may have to buy a new one, and it’s my own fault for letting groceries slosh around in front of the unprotected cone.

Now it’s time to get a real start on the day.  I like this getting up and going for a walk.  I do feel very awake.

Paul fixed up my bike so I could give it to Katie and we haven’t seen hide nor hair of her.  She’s been working almost every day though.

I am having SEVERE “the Wire” deficiency.  I love that show, and we can’t get more of it from Zip until we start returning things.

Jeff and I watched the Departed.  That is also a very good watch. Leo diCaprio was so visceral….

The weekend’s over

Well, this was certainly a movie rich weekend.  Besides Inception and the inevitable True Blood episode, there was Growing Op and Numb, both hilarious Canadian films with American TV stars thrown in for extra visibility.  The notion of the guy who plays Hodges on CSI playing the paterfamilias of a marijuana farm in the suburbs is brain bending, and he delivers one of the best lines I’ve ever heard in a movie… no, really.  Ask Keith, he was there. Definitely worth seeing. both of them.  Both of them had F8CKING AMAZING soundtracks.  Seriously.

We got the mower back from the lawnmower place (unfixed, may they achieve decomposition in a quiet place) and Jeff mowed the lawn while I edged things and watered the peas and quinoa and whacked weeds.

This weekend we also managed to get Granny’s stamps to the dealer, so between the weed whacking and carrying all the boxes upstairs my back is unbelievably sore.

I read Plantinga’s Breviary of Sin, which Ontie Mary gave me last I was in Victoria.  Very Christian but brilliantly written and very quotable.

I’ve started taking my musical instruments to work so I can practice at lunch.  I am now practicing every day, and I have the callouses to prove it.

Lightning – the Diving Horse.


Saw Paul briefly last night as I wanted him to listen to the engine and help with diagnosis.  While I was there his sister Ruth called and I got to talk to her, which was lovely.  Her houseful of girls is doing great and the news (apart from work, and I’ll spare the details) was all very good to hear.  Also saw Keith when he came over.  Although we started out thinking we wanted an action movie we ended up watching McLintock! A great film, although the public display of deshabille and domestic abuse / BDSM at the end is a bit of a corker.  I laughed my ass off about half a dozen times. OMG, Maureen O’Hara’s costumes.  John Wayne as a comedic lead, who knew.

Sad face, to have missed the last two episodes of NCIS.  I’ll have to wait for reruns.

Asparagus pee… is it real?

Science to the rescue.

In other news, I planted some things that will be (with luck) food later on this year.

Ziva does not like wet weather.  Winter should be interesting.  She also decided to stop her sunroof from working when I showed her off to Tom & Peggy, the little bugger; it’s fine now.

I watched the CEO do something very difficult very well yesterday, and I still can’t believe what has happened to the company I work for…. namely, that the bunch of sociopaths and psychophants (misspelling deliberate) running the company previously have been replaced by sane people.  I was so impressed I thanked him.

I have a gig on Sunday; still not entirely sure how that happened, but I’m not complaining.

Watched Adaptation and loved it.

Sundry and various

Tomorrow I take the car (which at the moment can only turn right) in a cunningly planned foray through New Westminster; then I’ll drop it off at the krankenhaus and with any luck, I’ll have a plated, functioning, air-cared vehicle – my first in my whole life. My dad gave me a car once, but due to a miscommunication Paul registered it in his own name, which I didn’t actually think was legal and squawked about like a sad old hen at the time.  So, technically, this will be the first car ever that’s registered in my own name.  I’m 51, and I’m an idiot for buying a car, but when the thing you hate most about your job is not the job but the commute by bus, a car seems like a necessity.  Also, ROAD TRIPS.  Also WRECK BEACH.  Also, going to the Island to visit relllies, and not just my parents.  Yes, I’m going to put major miles on that puppy this summer.

My mother is still slowly working her way through the ancestral diaries.  Henry Wake was a fascinating critter, and I’ll be really happy when all of his diaries are where I can easily peruse them.

Keith is over, and as soon as he’s finished with a boss fight in Arkham Asylum, we’re going to watch Deadwood (me for the nth time) and then I’m going to cook him a pork chomp dinner.  Jeff’s on the Island.

I’ve put the new song in Songwriter.  So I actually did something creative this weekend.  John would be pleased.

Finally saw The Hurt Locker

Recommended, if a little grue-y in spots.

Tentacle porn Tarot deck.  You bet your ass it’s not safe for work.  The shizz you find on Facebook!  Anyway, there’s just one card, but the descriptions are pretty awful.  If I did a Tarot deck it would be updated for modern life, and there’d be an internet major arcana, and one of the suits would be grease (as in petrochemicals).

Tonight, laundry.  Tomorrow night church meeting.  And soon, soon, I will go to the opera for the first time in my life. Course I have to pay for the tickets first.

1/4 of Pink Floyd is coming to Vancouver on December 10 and I wanna go.

I stared at a tesseract for a long time last night.  It is helping me come to terms with change.

If I sound a little odd…. it’s because…. I am!  Bet you didn’t see that one coming.  I’m just happy cause I thought I lost my cell phone, but Jeff found it in his car.

Sunday Sundries

I saw one of these in knife edge flight over Lake Ontario in the first month after I met Paul.  So you know, it was a long time ago.

I saw this movie and loved it, I want to immediately see it again.  RIP.

Saw the girls yesterday and agreed to buy Kat’s vehicle.  I am the shallowest person on earth. Why else would I buy a purple car with a working sunroof?  Anyway, the car already has a name.  I am going to call her Ziva.

Update…. Seal eats octopus.