3 thoughts on “Do not click here unless you have a strong stomach”

  1. Happy Valentine’s right back atcha. This puts me in mind of a SF – no, make that HORROR – movie of the forties. I think the title was The Brain that Wouldn’t Die…

  2. I have been watching the first season of Robson Arms. It’s insidious. I had seen only one episode earlier. One character, a geek type, bought on Ebay brain in a glass jar, wired up to I don’t know what. Another resonance.

  3. Nautilus3, I couldn’t even finish watching this clip. I am very squeamish about blood and gore. I have to cover my eyes for any medical procedures that involve needles, surgical knives, drills, etc. on TV. Good thing I didn’t exist in the days when man found shelter in caves, kept fires going all night to keep the wolves at bay and the wife probably had to stitch up her family as required OR also perform some form of surgery (like child delivery, c-sections, amputations, etc.).

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