More packing

More briefing?  More briefing!

Fast forward to 4:55 it that’s the audio what you want…..

I have a cough and cold but I’m ignoring it.  Today, more packing and maybe more movies.  After we knocked off yesterday, we watched three movies.  Radio Days (it was on my lifetime list and MAN did I enjoy it), Eulogy (OMG what a great movie) and Eastern Promises (fabulous movie, and the naked fight in the bathhouse was all it was billed to be and more).

Jeff has provisionally agreed to the Friday Night Veg-In being reinstituted in our new home.  The Friday night Veg-In will be two Fridays a month.  You show up after work with whatever you are planning to drink (or contribute to the beer jar) and you get a) one free meal b) one free movie c) adult conversation…  That’s the last 4th Friday of the month.  Second Friday will be kid friendly; depending on the age of the kids we’ll either watch in the living room or I can ride herd on kids in the guest bedroom or depending on the weather we can go play in the park across the street.  Can’t let my grandmother in waiting skills get all rusty. I can’t even remember these days whether you’re supposed to swing a toddler by it’s arm or it’s leg.

No, I’m not trying to scare anyone with the grandmother comment.  Last I checked, Keith was not situated to provide me with grandchildren, and Katie shudders from head to foot in a fashion only to be described as Grand Guignol-esque if you even breathe a hint about the possibility.  Dang, it’s almost ten o’clock, time to attack the boxing situation again.

I’m sleeping so well I’m wondering if I should just say screw it and buy a softer mattress.  I sleep better on a soft sprung mattress than on foam, that’s for sure.   I slept like a log in the DR and that mattress was as soft as a waterbed, damned near.

Anyway, I’m having a lovely time..

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  1. Debbie, you are probably right.

    I remember those veg-ins so well. And the card catalogue of movies (this was before the last ice age) labelled, “Daunting, isn’t it!”

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