6 thoughts on “Anti war humour”

  1. Oh, man, what a clever and biting cartoon. Tush doesn’t mind fighting a war as long as he doesn’t have to be personally involved.

  2. Funny how he was so keen to stay out of Vietnam (he ever went) and yet had no problem creating a war and destabilizing our entire world. The food riots etc are a direct result of his oil war
    Creation of unforeseeable, adverse affects? Personally, I think not. I think this is what Bush was going for all along.
    And where in the world is his sidekick Osama Bin Laden? Probably in his guest room…

  3. Osama croaked years ago and was buried in a hillside in Northern India. But I’m sure they can haul a lookalike out of a closet in the CIA headquarters if they have to! I have seen some evidence indicating that they will produce such a person if they have to. As for the destabilization of our world, I think nobody’s plotting to do anything except look good in front of an increasingly tiny constituency. The rest of it they are just too dumb to manage – or too arrogant. It’s hard to tell the difference sometimes…

  4. RE: destabilisation…with an established global economy, the increase in the price of oil can only create food distress because
    1. the third world is producing our food
    2. they mostly get only grain, not the goodies
    3. we haul our food halfway around the world, so our food has to get more expensive (along with cotton, etc), also increased production costs
    4. land is too valuable in north america to use it for food production. Must be ‘developed’

    Personally, methinks papa Bush tried to do this in the gulf war and didn’t quite get it done (it was also to get rid of america’s handyman in the middle east, Saddam Hussein, as he was becoming a liability. Quite the trial he had before his execution, wasn’t it?). I think most of us know that the (illegal) Iraq invasion was ALL about oil. We just hadn’t made it to the point of realizing the repercussions which are actually incredibly obvious.

  5. I just have difficulty believing they’re that stupid. In that, I think you have adjusted to the conceptual realities of the new normal better than I. And yes, I choked on Hussein’s trial; he was a sacrificial lamb for the Americans, but at least he showed dignity at the end.

    One has to wonder if the Brazilian find of oil – if proven out – will direct the great eye of Uncle Sam south rather than east.

  6. I never thought it was stupidity as much as greed, in a cruel, twisted, sophomoric kind of vein. WMD indeed…
    I have no trouble seeing the Bushes as the devil incarnate and his legacy; I’m looking back to Prescott. And more than anything, I find it disappointing that the american people have been so willingly duped. Bought off by money and lifestyle, a hazard we have also embraced in Canada. Money is so distracting. Vote away, though somehow it seems the checks and balances in the system are not working. Shake my head. How can they be, when the ‘leader of the free world’ seems to be the poster boy for Mad Magazine?

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