I cross post a review of the Willie P Bennett event

Our Tribute to Willie P. Bennett last week was a HUGE success thanks in no small part to organizer John Caspell.  John brought together a great lineup of local musicians to share their personal stories, anecdotes and of course, the songs of Willie P. Bennett.  We had a full house for this event and it was a great pleasure to not only have heard from those who knew and loved the man but also to introduce his music to a new generation of musicians and fans alike.  Special thanks to musical contributors.  (And then it lists us…)  Dr. Filk forwarded it to us and I thank him.
I am up dreffle early this morning.  My back is hurting.
Keith is at the grandparents’.  I called him as my spidermom sense was tingling, and I was rewarded with a candid melange of contradictory emotions about school, life, and the universe.  Katie was supposed to turn up last night.  No call, didn’t answer the phone.  On the other hand she was supposed to be working, so I’ll probably hear about that later.
Work was actually fun yesterday.  We recited our mantras many times.  “We’re all about the process” and “The suffering is optional” and “Fire fire fire!” and “Facts and data!”
I just opened my Telus bill.  They owe me $30… I wonder if I’ll ever see it, now that I’m going to work in the morning in part to support Rogers.  I also wonder what I am supposed to do about my old modem.  My bits of wonderment occur to me.
I can’t find my resume.  Ack.  I actually need it!  Now to see if in my pile o files I have a hard copy.  Ah, the joys of moving!

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4 thoughts on “I cross post a review of the Willie P Bennett event”

  1. Believe it or not, I started looking for my resume BEFORE I got a job interview, which I do, for Wednesday next week. Wish me luck!

  2. I most assuredly do wish you luck! Hopefully you can find one that has a pension plan. Government jobs are best, they have a pension and you don’t have to do any work if you don’t want. I have actually heard people say that they wanted to retire so they got a gov’t job. Anyway, keeping fingers, toes, eyes, etc. crossed.

  3. The interview evaporated – they hired somebody about an hour after I talked to the dude. However, I remain sanguine.

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