4 thoughts on “Octogenarians singing I wanna be sedated”

  1. They do have others on YouTube, like Road to Nowhere (Talking Heads)and I Will Survive…I just found the more I watched them, the funnier they got. Anyone interested in background on these folks, it’s young@heart, they have a site, and the story behind them is so wonderful!
    Friends attended the launch of their feature documentary, which is how I found out about them

  2. you have cool friends.

    I think you would have liked the Willie P Bennett memorial, it was like being flung back into a 1975 coffee house in Ontario.

  3. That’s great about the benefit. You mean, Joni Mitchell and Murray McLaughlin were there? (yuk, yuk) Or Cedric Smith and Terry Jones?

    You know the friend who went to the young@heart premiere, it is Dunay (and Brenda, her other puppet hands). It’s a Fox release, so coming soon to a theatre near you.

  4. It’s so funny you’d mention Ced Smith, he was much talked about at the gig. As was Bruce Cockburn, and many other people on the folk circuit back in tha day. I am looking forward to seeing the movie.

    How’s Lady D doing? And the boys, of course…..

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