6 thoughts on “Another take on human fertility”

  1. No wonder ovulation hurts so much!!
    “The size of a full-stop …”?? Must be a British term??

  2. So, the follicle is obviously bigger than the egg AND the egg is the size of a period, i.e. visible to the naked eye.

  3. I useta be able to tell the moment of follicular rupture. Like a guitar string being twanged inexpertly, with pain. Loki says, who’d be a woman.

  4. I would, I would. Giving birth (and other things I won’t put on a blog) make it all worth while, at least in my view. Mind you, if I could grow a beard and make my mouth disappear like Loki I’d probably side with him.

  5. If men had to endure pregnancy and child birth, I’m quite sure humans would have found a way to make the process more bearable.

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