I think I need to clean the barbecue/Stanley Cup

It was rather flame-y yesterday.

Right now, I have two things to look forward to; Dandy Warhols at the Vogue (yes yes yes please and thank you Doug!) and Hilario Duran and Roberto the amazing bassist less than a week after that.   (Yes Please and thank you Katie K!).

I have now gone to bed early 3 days running and I have either kicked the cold that is trying to land on me, I’m fighting off the brain deadening effects of the pollen count, or I’ve got sleeping sickness.

I watched the last game of the Stanley Cup last night.  My interest in hockey is lightly sketched at best, but I have to say that the Pittsburgh team skated as if they, one and all, had pianos tied to their butts, whereas Detroit looked like Mercury had kissed every one of them.  Jeff and I both screamed simultaneously with that last Pittsburgh shot on goal as the clock dived for zero – it came SO CLOSE to going in that we just shook our heads at the replay.  It was a good game, and sportsmanlike.  I found the commentary next to useless.

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3 thoughts on “I think I need to clean the barbecue/Stanley Cup”

  1. I’m happy SOMEBODY enjoyed the game. Not I. The Stanley Cup presentation hoo-ha CUT INTO the second last episode EVER of the delightful Men in Trees and I am furious.

    Isn’t ALL commentary on sports next to useless? Shouldn’t be done except maybe on radio and even then I would question its utility. Surely just the sounds of the crowd would be as relevant?

    Perhaps I am missing the point. So be it.

  2. I couldn’t agree more, Nautilus3! I have to leave the room or the house if a hockey game is on. Can’t stand the sound of the commentators going on.

    Thankfully, in all my years of watching Jenn play soccer (even at the North American level), we only hear the cheering of the crowd and the enjoyment of watching my only offspring doing amazing things.

  3. But wait, it gets better! I said Philadelphia instead of Pittsburgh, and Jeff had to change it. Now THAT’s funny.

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