Not much to report

Jeff and I went shopping last night in an attempt to ensure that Peggy and Tom do not go hungry tonight. Pork chomps! Pork chomps! I got a running commentary from Jeff about the complete insanity of the shoppers and the store, and forebore commenting that ‘you should see it when the new Harry Potter book is out, that would amaze you.’

So…. ever see a baby dance to a banjo???

Another kind of baby, to trigger blubbery gushing.

I am in the midst of a hormonal zugzwang at the moment. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, perimenopause sucks a radioactive mop.

Lady Miss B (and Joe) are having a lovely party tomorrow at “Hackerfish Manor”. I am very much looking forward to seeing Dr. Filk, the folks and the house, in that order more or less; Lady Miss B is recovering from knee surgery as part of the ongoing rehab from her scooter accident, moving and holding a party all more or less at the same time, so once again her energy, which, closely parsed, looks like insanity, continues to stupefy me. And she writes lots of songs, go to her website and listen, especially this and this and maybe this too if you have time.

I’ve been thinking, and I don’t want to call the magic house of geeks “Geek House” any more. I want to call it “Geekhaven” partly because of Trollhaven (see archives) but just because it’s more, you know, aesthetic. One day, I will go to Geekhaven… doesn’t that sound nice?

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