Sonic treats and domestic life

Jeff and I had the identical reaction when we heard this.

See if you can guess what it was.

The rest of the site, starting here is quirky, laid out by an amateur (NO, I have no pretensions to excellence wrt web layout, thanks) and easily killed 15 minutes as I browsed through the odd instruments.

LTGW dropped by with Darwin’s previously paid for prezzie and hung out for precisely one beer, and just like an English play, he cleared the door moments before Tom and Peggy dropped by with a lesbian mystery manuscript for my editing eye (written by a third party), and Tom consumed two of the previously unmentioned chocolate hazelnut biscotti I made up last night and cooked this morning and Peggy dispensed a hug.  Oh, and Jeff and I did a shop starting at about 8 am this morning and I did laundry today and made up burgers which Jeff cooked and then we watchd Buffy S1E4 and before that Jeff took me to Brentwood and I finally ditched the Telus modem so they can stop charging me for it and picked up more beer.  Oh, and I made split pea with ham soup today and now Jeff’s (this unnecessarily graphic description of my cooking’s effect on my brother’s digestion is cut upon the insistence of all right thinking people) but he’s forgiven me because I cut up strawberries. This paragraph has been brought to you by the Temporal of Bureau Distortion.

The cats continue to be healthy and demanding; they appear to have stopped running up and down the damned halls at night.  Is there a connection between this fact and locking them out at night?  There could be!

My back feels better. I am so craving cigarettes though, it’s dreadful.  Nothing stays easy for long.

I am having a wonderful and productive weekend so far.

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  1. No. But I laughed like a drain when Jeff said, “I suddenly have to go to the bathroom,” because it was uncanny having MY thoughts come out of HIS mouth.

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