The Buffster has landed

Mike was over for dinner last night and Jeff, Mike, Keith and I all watched the first episode of Buffy. So resign yourselves to many many fluffy Buffy references over the next while, unless Jeff decides to bail on the whole enterprise, in which case I’m going to watch my fave episodes again anyway.

The other day Katie says she and two girlfriends brought some guy they’d met in a bar back to her girlfriends’ place to chill. I’m sure he thought he’d died and gone to heaven – three cute chicks, woo hoo – and what did they DO? Watched the Buffy musical Once More with Feeling YET AGAIN, audience karaoke style, and creeped him out so badly he ran away. You’re welcome.

Dandy Warhols tonight! I can hardly wait. Nothing skedded for Thursday, the Luddite on Friday, Baby Shower on Sunday, Hilario Duran on Sunday. June is shaping up to be a busy and happy month.

I think I figured out why I’ve been so blue of late. I just passed my second anniversary of screwing up my back (which is better the more exercise I get, surprise, surprise) and I’ve noticed that my body remembers these life events, even if my mind doesn’t. Anyway, I don’t feel blue at the moment, which is a distinct plus. Thoughtful, yes, but even the greyness of the skies can’t bother me, because Keith showed me this last night. Don’t watch if you’re grossed out by cartoon violence.

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