The Niña

Paul’s cunning plan for Father’s day involved taking us all to see the reproduction of Columbus’ Niña and then feeding us.  This was indeed a cunning plan, endorsed heartily by all involved, and Jeff joined us for Phó afterwards.  In the middle there was the BsG latest episode (loved the last 10 seconds) as Keith was anxious to see it, and bringing the sewing machine from the boy’s place over here so Jeff and I can sew the blackout curtains, which popped like a cork to the top of the household list with the longer day lengths.  There was also an interesting walk with Paul which included a candid and constructive assessment of the emotional carnage of the last 18 months or so.  I got kinda drippy a couple of times but didn’t otherwise embarrass myself; I just kept repeating the mantra speak respectfully, listen carefully and got through it okay.  So I may be in a good mood today (of course!  the Sun came out!) but I am also in a reflective one.

The Niña itself is a dinky toy.  When we first saw it I said, there are Tall Ships and Small Ships, and this is very Small Ship.  Katie and I had two reasons for wanting to see it – one was to extend our historical knowledge after our trip to the Dominican Republic last year, and the other was to imagine Niccolò sailing on such a vessel (Niccolò being yet another Dunnett character) because it was built just like what he would have sailed in.  The boys had their own reasons, chief among which of course was the ‘messing around in boats’ thing.  The ship’s boat was made single handed by a fourteen year old man.  I’m hesitant to call anyone with such an accomplishment a boy.  The Niña’s sailing away today.  It was a perfect day to see it, and of course I didn’t remember to take my camera, so the pics are courtesy Paul.  BONUS For my Seattle fans…

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