Happy Saturday

I have a large number of reasons to be contented at any time, but right now I’m happy because I have watched a whole bunch of family video from when the kids were little – with the kids, Paul and Dax. Hell, he’s my son-in-common-law now, and if his behaviour has cleaned up perforce mine must too. We had breakfast and then watched almost half an hour of Katie (naked – I guess that makes the video two words I’m not going to put in this post so I don’t get trawled for it) and Keith (clothed, thanks) frolicking with puppies at Red Deer Lodge. The entire soundtrack consists of me saying things like, “Put the puppy down. Put her down. Keith, don’t do that, that’s just ignorant.” Anyway, Dax laughed his ass off at some of Katie’s antics, so yup, it was a happy morning.

Keith said, while running a puppet show, that his master (he was playing a dog) behaved in a silly fashion. I said, “It sounds like your master doesn’t have many brains,” to which his hilarious response was, “Well he does, but they don’t work very well.” Who among us, etc.

Also, and this is kinda gross, Katie and Paul and I dealt with the powerful stench of cat urine in the front hallway. The difference is miraculous, and although a couple of pairs of shoes and one rug and one piece of furniture had to be sacrificed, ainsi soit-il.

Now, I think Paul and I are going to finally get down to what it was I was supposed to be over here for today, namely, singing and playing. First – beer. Then chaffing each other about what we’ll play. Then back to Geekhaven Beta for dins with Jeff.

Tomorrow, Wall-E.  Or so we hope.  It is, after all, Keith’s 22nd birthday upcoming and a sappy family oriented movie is just what the doc ordered.  If he’s free, I’ll take him out to someplace expensive for dinner this week.  PS, his job is going famously.  He’s learning stuff hand over fist, his bank balance is going to improve markedly, his coworkers are all congenial, and he’s part of a team.  How could I not be a very contented mom today.

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