A death and an incident involving lots of blood

I light a candle for my beloved worksibling Tanya’s grandmother, who passed at RCH today.  Go gentle across the rainbow bridge, elder.

Ahem.  So I get this cryptomundo text message from Katie saying that she’s been living in a horror movie.  OF COURSE I immediately assume that it’s Dax, and it very plainly turns out not to be, in fact, Dax behaved with more calmness and civility than anyone could credit him with, considering that a guy with a dirty great knife was alternately trying to stab him and kick his door and his HEAD in.  End result.  One of Dax’s roommates is homeless, with about 7 criminal charges pending, Katie is fine except for the strained muscles you always seem to get when some drunken animal is trying to kill you with a knife, Dax had to have stitches, the culprit had to have reconstructive surgery because he was so fecked he sliced himself across the tendons in three fingers. Katie is here, helping me cook spaghetti and vibrating gently.  Dax put his life on the line, literally, defending Katie, and has been the soul of gentlemanly courtesy since, so I am much obliged to him.

The perp is an ex drug addict (now just a drunk) who is normally a really sweet guy.  He also has brain damage from having been electrocuted and he was already on disability.  Oh yeah.

Katie and Dax cleaned up the house.  There were apparently torrents of blood… I’m debating whether to ask Dax for his cell phone footage, as he filmed what the place looked like afterwards.  Schadenfreude, anyone?

Lazy day

Friggin near cataplectic day, actually.  I cooked, did a microscopically small amount of cleaning, I did some laundry but it was hard to get inspired when the downstairs neighbours did laundry on a day which wasn’t ‘theirs’ and I had to move stuff of theirs around, which makes me kinda anxious in case I should do something wrong and they come upstairs and confront us about it.  Laundry is a touchy issue.  I mean, this guy yells about everything.  Spent more time communing with Meadow.  She got up in Gizmo’s face at one point.  I’ve never seen a cat use less energy to hiss, it was pretty funny.  It was more like an expression of scorn with a breath behind it.

Jeff’s apparently taking off to go fishing with a friend for his birthday. I am thinking it will be perfect, weather, location and company wise.

We’re working our way through Huff season 1 and Buffy season 2 and while there are definitely classic shows in S2 I guess I’m looking forward to later seasons.  We also watched some youtube videos last night; I wanted to see some Al Hirt and Jeff dialled up some Buddy Rich with the Boston Pops orchestra.  I love having that stuff on the big screen.  I know Jeff considers it a waste of a venue – taking blurry pictures and blowing them up real good – but I don’t mind the low-def aspect of it.

No videos yesterday but I practiced until my fingers were good and sore, and I think learning all those new chords is going to have a very ‘jazz hands’ effect on my songwriting over the next while.  I love Happy Feet but the chord changes are hideous.  I mean, really, really hideous.  The F9 to B7 is not the work of a Christian, believe you me.  Oh yeah, and I made Jeff watch the Happy Feet segment of King of Jazz. It’s so very wonderful…..