Meadow visits

That’s twice so far today and it isn’t even dinnertime yet.  I am starting to be afraid that the downstairs neighbours are going to abandon the dog, you know, sort of accidentally on purpose, when they move.  Meadow was gazing me adoringly just now as I repeatedly tried to play Bbm.  Any dog who can sit through that cacophony while ignoring her master’s whistle is really trying hard to get adopted.  I don’t mind, but I have to wash my hands every time I touch her – she is not particularly dirty for a dog but Jeff and I are both susceptible to animal dander…. I didn’t want her in the house because she eats the cat food and it’s obvious she gets fed at home.  Meadow may not be the happiest dog in the world but nobody is beating or starving her.  So I sat outside on the deck and communed with her for a while, before she started getting all enthusiastic and trying to play with Giz, who’s having none of that, thanks.  Damned dogs, not even smart enough to snooze on the deck….

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