Katie sleeps here / a very, vary, random post

I only say Katie sleeps here because one of my all time favourite books, A Midwife’s Tale, contains phrases like that a lot.  Just read the book, it has all-inclusive awesomeness.

If I said that feminism only started to suck when it started being taught in schools, as a discipline, would any of you kick me in the slats?

I want to see For All Time. Seriously, Mary McDonell and Mark Harmon in an steampunk SF love epic based on a Rod Serling story?  Where’s my popcorn and hanky!!!!????  OF COURSE it’s not out on DVD, why would two of the biggest tv stars in the world get a DVD of their well thought of TV movie???  Anyway, this is called a hint, Mr. Universe.  Okay, Ms. Universe.  O, Universe, bring me the head of Alfredo Garcia!!! and that movie of course.  And you will, too, if you know what’s good for you.

Very bad night’s sleep.

The system is being shut down at work for a day and half starting noon today.  I srsly gotta get in to work and try to grind through some transactions before the curtain falls.

Strange dreams.

I watched Darjeeling Limited.

Excuse me, o thou great parent of the universe, but I would have watched it a lot sooner if somebody had mentioned the three magic words Natalie Portman naked.  Also, I think Adrien Brody manifests bunnies and excretes cotton candy.

I cooked the folks French toast for brekkie.

Katie’s wearing the pants I got her at H&M.

I did the banking running around yesterday so Katie can get her supplies and pay for first term.  The first cheque I wrote was inadequate; it needed to be carved in two pieces, one hammered and one not.  When I handed over the hammered cheque for 1200 dollars I said, “Katie, if you lose this, it’s like torching 12 100 dollars bills,” sternly, while thinking I’d part with a considerably larger sum to see this day come.

I gotta have a shower, the bus comes in 20 minutes.

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