Unca Dave here

He seemed to be his normal jolly self.  It was good to see Paul and Keith for supper as well.

How Peggy got an apple crisp (made with Gravensteins, yummazy!) over here, I have no idea, but Paul asked me to get the container back to her.  I will. Anyway, that was dessert… also home made tapioca.

Supper was two kinds salad (potato and green with freshly made bacon bits and sliced egg and tomato and mushroom), roast beef with roast garlic, potatoes and squash.  Everybody seemed to go back for seconds, so I guess there was enough (no gravy, though, sigh) and I didn’t work too hard at the cooking, so that was okay.  It’s funny, the kitchen looked great at 10 am yesterday morning. It looks like a disaster now.

I didn’t touch my mandolin, but my laundry is all done and put away, so along with all the the other chores and errands of this weekend, I feel quite accomplished.

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