Halloween prep….

Tonight I bought some more Christmas card fixings (I plan on making my own this year), met with Dax and Paul; took pictures of a white 1963 Signet Valiant RAGTOP with skull detailing and push button tranny;  and went to Dax’ place to pick up more or less the last of Katie’s stuff; collected some more Halloween decorations and stuff to hand out (Jeff already got’um pumpkin) as well as clothing items cribbed from Katie’s collection of wigger/goth stuff (handcuff and dice earrings in black and silver); and left my phone in Paul’s car.  He and Keith brought it back to me.  I also scored a pair of purple nitrile cleaning gloves – sexxay.

I also picked up pictures that Will took of me when I was nineteen.  I will scan the best of them and post them…. amazing.

Despite all this excitement I feel so blah words can’t describe it, so I’m leaving the mess as is for the morning and going to bed.  Tomorrow, excitement of many kinds will be ours, as Halloween BOOOOOyah takes the neighbourhood by storm.

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