Just woke up

OMG.  Turkey is like the best sleeping aid ever.  I went to bed after supper “for a little lie down” and poof, it’s midnight.  Anyway, fed Jeff, Paul and Keith a massive Thanksgiving feast; fresh turkey with home made stuffing, oven roasted potatoes, yams and parsnips, red salad, brussel sprouts, home made gravy, cranberry sauce and I was so full I even skipped the pie.

Texted Katie this morning to invite her to dinner and got a long griefy response from Daxus.  Leaving aside what he might be doing with a phone I pay for, no Katie for dinner. If I was a really classy person I’d have invited him for dinner.  We all know how really classy I am.

Texted Ryan – he had a previous invite.  Texted Mike – he was otherwise engaged.  Now I have to freeze stuff for turkey a la king, later….

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