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I’ve posted the video I took of the Burnaby Central train ride I took yesterday.  It’s 10 minutes long and you really need to be a bigass fan of trains to watch it, but it is a real steam train going through tunnels and across bridges, and it was a glorious day.  Here’s a pic….

Now, I have some more chores. I’m really glad I got out yesterday, because it’s DISGUSTING today, pouring rain and gray and miserable.


LATER – I’ve posted the link above.

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3 thoughts on “New Youtube video”

  1. That video was wonderful cous.

    I’ve forwarded the link to a couple of former co-workers who are big-time model train nuts.

    I’m also going to show it to grandson Brayden who is really into trains right now – especially Thomas the Tank Engine.

    Thanks again!!!

  2. This train trip was a delight! Brought back memories of one we took from London to Brighton (change at Red Hill) during which pOp pointed the camera out the window the whole way. He did the same on a canal barge trip in the Devon countryside. The horse providing the motive power, I remember, was named Gavin. Recently pOp has put those films on DVDs…

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