Lucile sent me this link

Motorcycles! Mayhem! Philately!

Also, Tanya is back from Hawai’i and she brung me Milk Chocolate Coated Macadamia Nuts, namely, one box.  My coworkers are ze best!!!


UPDATE:  Robof9 got me a Caf-Pow cup!!!!!  I posting pic later….


And this from Chipper….  Uh, sucks, uh, to be him.

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6 thoughts on “Lucile sent me this link”

  1. Poor guy with the arm stuck! Reminded me of watching a fellow crew member digging for his false teeth in the chemical toilet.

  2. Yeah, I thought of that story too… and your reaction. WHY NOT JUST LEAVE IT THERE? Enquiring minds wanted to know….

  3. Your question, “Why not just leave it there?” may have been rhetorical but I’m going to answer it anyway. People lacking in prosthetics cannot understand why in the two instances the denture had to be retrieved. It’s like this. Prosthetics feel like part of one’s flesh and blood. This is the case on an ascending scale, from personal experience. Lowest on the scale of concern is my CPAP machine. I use it only at night. Next, my glasses: I can see (in a limited fashion) without them. Next my hearing aid, without which I can hear in a limited fashion. Highest on the scale is my partial denture. All the above are parts of ME, but the denture is the most imtimate part. Wouldn’t you go after your thumb if it fell off? WHATEVER it fell into?

  4. … and under the heading of “Things that must be retrieved”, I add the orthodontic jaw expander and retainer. Can’t even count the number of time these items had to be retrieved from the garbage and toilets across Ontario!! Thankfully, none of them ate my arm, but it was discusting nonetheless.

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