Show off, show off, show off.

Best….. smackdown…..ever.

Now I show off my brother, Kelsey and Sean.

Next, Keith, me and Katie, and Keith and I are wearing the hats we JUST BOUGHT at Edie’s Hats.  I bought a hat from a hat company that’s been in business in England for 250 years; I nearly bought a hat handmade in Montreal but frankly the hat was too girly for me, because although I am girly about some things, my appearance isn’t one of them….

Can you guess where we are???? of course, we’re in the Granville Island Brewery, drinking Winter Ale and being very cheerful and convivial; the sun was blasting down like midsummer and I had a NEW HAT.

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3 thoughts on “Show off, show off, show off.”

  1. All of my descendants look great as pictured and I’ll give the others the benefit of the doubt. Great hats too.

  2. Jeff and Keith and I screamed with laughter when we watched it.

    I think the kids look great, anyway.

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