Not much to say

spent most of yesterday being and feeling ill, didn’t go to the con.  I ended up at Paul’s, thinking I was on my way to go filking, but that didn’t happen.  I was brought tea and had cats sit on and near me, which was therapeutic. Now I just feel grisly and overslept.

Keith tried to call me but I don’t pick up if I don’t recognize the number.  Sure wish that boy would get a cell phone, I think coordination would be a lot easier.

I did manage to pick up Juliana McCorison’s album, and glad am I of that  because the last I saw on her LJ it wasn’t even going to make it to Vancouver in time. I missed her concert but given how grody I was in physical condition, I’m just as happy about that.

Note to self.  If looking at kitchen items that used to be ‘yours’ makes you cry, you ain’t over things yet.  One of these days I’ll be a grown up, but I suspect I’ll be long dead.

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2 thoughts on “Not much to say”

  1. No great loss as far as the open filking is concerned. It was poorly attended and brief, perhaps because the ballroom where it was located was directly beneath the dance(!) It was really an effort to make yourself heard ‘midst the din.
    You did miss the first ever hour-long Dr. Filk solo concert, tho. Concert at 10, found out at 9 that Brooke wasn’t going to show, as she was assisting Dr Peg to rush Tom to emerg. Turns out he wasn’t ready to be home. Visited him today, he’s somewhat better. But back at the con I had an hour to put together a solo concert(Jem and Douglas helped on one song, thanx guys). Concert was very well received despite the noise problem (see above).

  2. thanks for the update – I felt bad about not going but I’m contagious as hell at the moment.

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