whoa, Noah

it’s quarter of 4 and my nose and eyes are streaming in a fashion that recalls words like Epic, Biblical, and Whoa, Noah.  I would really like to give a more graphic description, as it is quite amusing, but it’s also grosser than hell.

NCIS all gone.  We are caught up to ‘real life’.  We’ll either go back to Homicide or  Buffy, and Jeff’s not too enthused about Buffy.  I’m kinda inclined to go straight to season 4, but there are some good ones along the way in s2 and s3.

Katie was supposed to come home last night, but phoned and advised that she’d changed her plans.

Eddie barfed on my bed.  I was hoping to let him come and sleep in my room, but that doesn’t seem wise. Getting a new mattress cover and sheets recently seems prescient.  I really miss Zeek! and Kira and the way they fawned on me is prob’ly now explained by my feverish warmth.

I made us pork roast and sauerkraut with tater tots, fried mushrooms and corn.  Jeff approved.

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