Wringing hands

One of the things I really don’t like about being far away from my friends, especially when they are in trouble, or troubled, or just plain flat out overwhelmed by events, is that I cannot hug them, make them tea, or tell them to their faces how wonderful they are….

For Tammy, I light a candle and hope that an intelligent, articulate man notices your strength, intelligence and love of life.  Sooner would be better.  And for once, please, Goddess bright, a guy who doesn’t shrivel into a little worm when you apply your brains and emotions to challenges!  Extra crispy wishes for knees to stay good through the France trip, although I’ll push you through the Louvre in a wheelchair if I have to.

For Carrie, I light a candle and hope that this parting turns into a new opportunity.  Damn, I had had such hopes for him….

For Deb, I light a candle and hope that my ‘advice’ is received as intended, and I sincerely hope that you get some surcease for the unrelenting amount of strain you’ve been under.  Hug Jim for me, hug Jenn for me, and pat Spence on the back; the menfolks have been awesome on this one.

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